Session Information

The sessions listed below will be offered at GRITC this year. Once you register for the conference you will build an individualized schedule by selecting the sessions you want to attend each day. Register early because many sessions will fill up fast.

Learn about the fascinating world of Law and Law Practice
Learn about the business side of Banking--not necessarily learning about how to manage your money
Casting Director
Learn how to get caste in a movie/TV show and what is like to be a casting director.
Digital Design: Website and Graphic Design
Learn what it takes to be a graphic designer and web designer
Learn what it takes to become a Radio DJ and how to promote businesses
Drug Enforcement Agent
Learn about the Drug Enforcement Agency; hear stories of take-downs and interact with the agent's tools--Mrs. Ott's husband
Learn about engineering and what it takes to bottle your favorite drinks
Life Flight Nurse
Learn about teaching nurses to be nurses and hear cool life flight stories
Nurse Practitioner
Learn what it takes to become a Nurse Practicioner; a NP can prescribe medication and treat general medical issues
Learn what it takes to be an insurance sales person
Social Work
Learn what it takes to be a Social Worker--working with the mentally ill, prisoners, disabled people and students
U.S. Federal Court Engineer
Learn about engineering and about being in charge of huge projects like completely overseeing the construction and decoration of a U.S. Federal Court Building
Learn about what a veterinarian does and what it take to get into vet school